So tonight Joey came to me with a tooth that was sticking straight out and he said he thought his tooth was ready to come out.  Well, I should say so.  Bad mommy did not take out her camera.  So I Fairy1 pulled out the tooth and we did the ceremony of putting it under the pillow.  It was a special night for him as it was his third tooth.

So do you think Michaela was going to be shown up?  Heck no!.  This prompted her to start playing with her lose tooth.  It was in no way ready to come out but she was determined to get it out.  So after lots of wiggling and pulling she got that tooth out.  So tonight the tooth fairly has double duty in this household. 

Gee, I wonder what the odds are that two of my kids would lose a tooth in the same night. I hope the Tooth Fairy has deep pockets.