Work has been busy, life has been busy and I have felt creatively uninspired, unmotivated in the studio.  I hate when that happens.  It feels like everything else is getting in the way and I don't know how to balance it all.  I have beem missing my time to just feel creative and not force it.  The best part of my job that I love is the creativity that comes from it.  Each week I am LIVE on Helamr Ustream with many of you and have to come up with something fun and creative.  That is so not easy for me without making a fool of myself but I absolutely loving that challenge to be there with you guys and come up with something that makes us all feel inspired. 

Last week that inspiration happened. I am so protective of "my" art and although I have art journals full of my paintings and doodles I am so hesitant to share that.  I decided that needed to stop and sometimes what inspires me is just those doodles.  So we made the leap from art journal to canvas last week…

and here was the creative process LIVE….

What a great time we had and many of you emailed me to say that you joined me and I inspired you to do the same. 

Like Doris Widder who shared her canvas………..


and Sandee Setliff who took it to a card……….

I feel so humbled and honored when you guys share what you create based on some little idea that was floating around my head with color.  I decided to complete one of the canvases I had started for the show and change it up a bit………


  • Helmar Adhesives: 450 Quick Dry and Liquid Scrap Dots
  • Canvas 8 X 10
  • Paints:  Decoart Jacquard
  • Flowers
  • Buttons
  • Charcoal Pencil
  • Ribbon: Graphic 45
  • Ink:  White (you can substitute pens)
  • Pen: Faber Castell
  • Stamp: Unity
  • Distress Ink
  • Gesso
  • Ribbons
  • Baby Wipes
  • Paint Brushes

I also had a few emails asking where to buy my "art"…….What a feeling that is and the answer is….from me I guess LOL.  I decided to put these on my Etsy Store: Tracy Weinzapfel Studios as there are so many heart drawings I can pocess (especially since hearts are not my thang!). 

Thank you all who join me each week, who inspire me to keep creating and who toss out their ideas to keep the mojo going!  You don't realize how important that is to me for my spirit alone! 

Stay tuned next week as it is Halloween candy bags as guess who has to make 75 of those for two 4th grade classes.  I might as well have real life inspire me too!


"To Live a Creative Life, we must lose our fear of being wrong."~ Joseph Chilton Pearce