As I was re-reading my title for this blog post I was wondering if anyone would read this as the verb "Live" to actually live art journaling or as the Adverb…….a "Live" performance and I realized that for me it is really both.   


Remain alive: "the doctors said she had only six months to live".
Not dead or inanimate; living: "live animals"; "the number of live births and deaths".
As or at an actual event or performance: "the match will be televised live".

I am sharing Part 2 continued from yesterday from all the projects you guys share from the page I created LIVE on Thursday evening.  The recorded show can be seen HERE if you missed it: TWB_5426a

and now I get to share even MORE pages that you all sent to be when I challenged you to create your own take on the page:

Two pages from Tanya who created this while we were LIVE! "A page in my art journal inspired by… Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos Page 2 of my Art journal!!! Thank you for all the inspiring you do!! I LOVE your classes and always look forward to the next!! " ~Tanya Stilwell.


and this from Andy: "Enjoyed tonight and what I've learned and am so crazy excited to take your classes with you! I hope I can sleep! It's like Christmas! Tonight's inspiration from Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos Cool thing……I used buttons I got from and grandma and aunt's estate sale:-)" ~Andy


From Paula:  "Hi Tracy, Here is the wall hanging I made on a 5 x 7 canvas from your inspiration.  I started it last week and just finished it tonight because I needed to buy the India ink.  The saying from tonight worked perfect on it.  Thank you so much for inspiring me.  I can't wait to start working in my new art journal." ~Paula



this page by Jean is inspired by our page a week ago HERE:  "Here is the page I did. I started with some book pages that had pictures on them. My first colors were blue and green but after I stamped and embossed, I thought it needed purple. You can’t see it in the photo but it has a lot of dimension. I used “Don’t forget your wings” as a quote to remind me that I can do this and will not fail but soar.  Thanks for letting us share and for your inspiration." ~Jean


AND this FIRST art journal page from Vanessa who DID it!  She dug right in and really took the challenge to just DO IT!  Just Create!  Let it go!  This was inspired by my page HERE: "I did IT! Tracy thank you! I'm so happy to watch your videos and I finally made a watercolor page!:) ~Vanessa W


I know how great that feels.  Sometimes starting the journal is half the battle!  What feels even better is to see how this inspiration is spreading and that just makes me feel great!  It comes back to you ten-fold!

Our next LIVE show is TONIGHT – Monday night at 6:00 pm (pacific time so check those local time zones!) on twStudios Ustream Channel:


Stay tuned for some supplies to have on hand so you can create right long with us!


"Woman was born to create…in creating she becomes herself, accomplishes her destiny. Her whole life is only an initiation into creative power. To create is not merely to product a work…it is to give out ones own individuality" ~Jeanne De Vietinghoff