Be careful what you wish for…….more like be mindful of the dreams you had no idea were possible!  A couple of years back I painted two large paintings I shared HERE for DecoArt.  I had no idea that years later I would be visiting those paintings in Kentucky as their Education Coordinator……


I came home and read this…….

“If you’re thinking, dear friend, that you are not nearly qualified enough, or deserving enough, or ‘right’ enough to be the one with big huge dreams…or the one with ideas for ways to fix things…or the one with the beautiful wisdom…sweetheart it’s time to change your thinking.  Someone’s got to dream the big dreams, or the big stuff won’t happen. Someone’s got to fix the stuff that’s wrong, or it will continue to get worse. Someone’s got to be wise and experienced, or there will be no one to turn to when the wisdom is needed.  The world needs those gorgeous ideas brewing in your mind.The world needs all of that passion that goes along with the burning desire in your heart to make things better and to fix what is wrong. And honey, all of those hard things you are learning, those lessons, those trials, ALL OF THEM, those are the things that will bring the wisdom and the experience that is so needed in the world.  Because, if not YOU, who else?” ~Brave Girls

So for all the homework, late hours, the time, the paintings and more I am thankful.  Thank you too to those I get to work with and cross paths in this new chapter!

Dream2I am ready to get creative and dream even bigger…

By being more present every step of the way.  Pursue your goals and dreams while at the same time enjoying the journey of getting there.  Embrace the step you’re taking, even when you feel like you’ve lost your footing.  Sometimes the road gets bumpy.  Every step doesn’t have to be comfortable or perfectly placed.  By letting go of what “should” happen or what “could” happen every step of the way, you free up your life to various little surprises and joys.  You may not lead the exact life you want, but you will lead a meaningful, miraculous existence, guaranteed.  Life is sometimes difficult, but it’s not a chore.  Make it an adventure.  Make it fun.  Make the choice to feel good about yourself, about your world, about your possibilities and the step you’re taking right now.