Last week was a week that was filled with many ups and downs.  The downs were pretty low as it included the passing of a fellow mom at school.  She is the mom of one of Micky's good friends so it hit close to home.  It got me thinking about the impact that each of us have on others and what do we truly leave behind.  She was a much loved mom, wife, daughter, volunteer and so much more.  It impacted all of us differently but by the tears and empty looks on my fellow moms at school last week we all just asked why.  As I said to a friend…the asking why is not what we should be doing but hugging those kids of ours and remembering that impact we do have on those we encounter so make sure to make the best of them! 

Last week I also had the pleasure of getting online and teaching a LIVE Helmar Ustream class where together we just Create!  I was in a creative funk and was caught up in all the CHA preparations……..

Here is my completed page that I felt released me from my creative funk.


  • Helmar: Decoupage, 450 Quick Dry & Liquid Scrap Dots
  • Ribbon:  May Arts
  • Paints: DecoArts
  • Ink: Marvy Heritage
  • Stamps: Unity Stamps
  • Ink: Winsor Newton
  • Charcoal Pencil


Love the details of this page and cannot wait to take it to canvas:

I often find myself questioning my impact and sometimes I can feel it…it comes to me in an email like this one from Trudy:

"There ya go…inspiring me into making a canvas! Did my own thing but the drips and runs and free handing part of my sentiment is all your fault! LOL!  Hugs, True :D"


and this email from Angie Reece:

"my friend cindi  has been telling me about this u-stream class she has been doing.  it is tracy weinzapfel from helmarusa, doing a live craftie session every monday night.  i decided to try it out a few weeks ago .. (here's a link to the video if you want to watch…and you do.  it's amazing!) so i did.  and i got totally inspired.  then i had to work the next day."


and this message from Lillian Child:

"And I want to again thank Tracy over at Helmar USA for inspiring me to create on canvas.  She was such a huge inspiration for me to go outside of my comfort zone."

Lillian1 Lillianj

Next weekend Rene will be laid to rest and I hope she realizes the amazing impact she had.  I know I hugged my kids a little tighter and that small stuff I tend to sweat seemed less important.  I also felt beyond grateful that these and others have taken the time to share with me and email their work that truly inspires me.  It fills me up in ways I never knew possible. 

Life is way too short and we really need to fill our limited time with what fills us us and let the other stuff go……..


"Never regret the choices you make, just believe in yourself and have faith. Life isn't perfect. It's a blend of joy and sorrow. But wherever life leads you to , it has a purpose." ~unknown