What a weekend! What a great weekend! The stars aligned and I was able to pull things together last minute for a spontaneous trip to Los Angeles to see my friend Amy. Don't you love when that happens?

I endured the LA traffic to be with my friends and it was worth it! Friday night I tried two new things…sushi and a sake bomb! It was way no go on the sushi so my seafood ban continues. The sake bomb was good. Fun to try new things!


Los Angeles Adventures!

Los Angeles Adventures!

Saturday included seeing Amy's two sons football game and that was great! It was a chance to take my camera out and photograph one of my favorite sports. Her boys were polite and so nice. And the day was just starting!

Los Angeles Adventures!

Saturday afternoon we went to the USC Trojans game where on the way we caught a glimpse of the space shuttle…


Man I love college football! It was so great to go to the game in the LA Colosseum! I loved experiencing downtown and the game. It was amazing! Of course I had to represent MSU because it was also a big game for my team playing U of M…(we shall not mention that outcome).  Great game and  such team spirit! USC kicked butt! It was great to be with my friends…new and old. I was wearing green in a sea of red!  I found the LA fans to be very polite and respectful of my team shirt. College football is just as great as I remember it!

Los Angeles Adventures!
Los Angeles Adventures!


Friday and Saturday was amazing from start to finish. I hated to see it end.  To my dear friend Amy Lynn thank you for making me travel new highways and knocking on new doors.  It was an amazing and relaxing weekend from start to finish.    Thanks to new friends I met, I look forward to the next time we meet again soon.  This San Diego girl cannot wait to return to Los Angeles!

Life is about taking those spontaneous opportunities and trying new things.  Sometimes it means a taking a freeway less traveled and going out of your comfort zone.  To my friend Victoria who said "So glad you decided to go to LA! You deserve some fun!"

Sunday morning I started my day on that freeway home and watched the sun rise in a different city, along the ocean with a tea.  How can you beat that?


To the next time I see you Amy….I am not sure who we are going to top this one.  We will find a way.  To spontaneous moments that turn into wonderful memories! And to living life with exclamation points!!!

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