I have lots of thank you’s to pass around but my first one goes to my hubby.  He did a great job taking over the kids activities and entertaining them while my friends and I celebrated National Scrapbook Day.  I know that task can be daunting when you are not used to it and I think it makes him appreciate me a bit more.

I had a wonderful day.  It started with some shopping with Colleen & Shelly.  This tradition is five years old and as always we purchased things we just had to have! Then we came home for the festivities.  As always, the best way to share is with pictures:

I got lots of neat presents and ate tons of fattening foods.  Victoria even made me frosting-free cupcakes.  How special that she remembered I hate frosting!  Thank you friends for sharing this special day with me.  Kelly’s card kind of sums it up for me:

Never forget….A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun.  Enjoy the trip Tracy!!  (I’m sure you will).

I plan on it!