Ironic that my word for 2012 is Patience… was just a few short months go that I was wondering where this crazy little thing called Life was taking me.  A few months later I am enjoying all the wonderful things that are in my Life and so many new things. 

Tonight as I shared an creave night LIVE on UStream as I do every Monday I was telling everyone that since I have taken a few twists and turns and grew some amazing wings……I used to dread Monday's.  They were busy, sometimes stressful and then I needed to be online for work pushing myself to be creative.  On those evenings I did love that "zone" I got in and enjoyed that time. 

Now this is MY time and I WANT to be there on Monday's to start our week on a great note.  It gets us all thinking abut how WE want our week to go. 

So tonight we just created…..let it go….



TWB_8274aPaints & Decoupage (DecoArt), Stamp Pad (Colorbox), Ink (Daler Rowney & Winser Newton), Charcoal Pencil, Punch (Marvy Uchida), Mists (Tattered Angels), Stickles, Template (Crafter's Workshop)

If you missed it LIVE you can see the recording here of the entire proces HERE:


And what is coming from those nights is coming back to me ten-fold……Thank you for all the messages and the ever growing crowd.  I realize that I am not the only one looking forward to Monday's and OUR time.   

I read things like this from Angie Reece: "another week has come and gone and it's friday again.  but that means it's that much closer to monday night!  i know, you are asking yourself, "who looks forward to monday night?"  well i do!!  because it means i get to hang out with tracy weinzapfel and the other monday night crafties at ustream (i use the term hang out loosely…not really getting together in the same place rather getting together at the same time online!"


This from Maureen:  "I am chronically ill as well and this has been a true lifesaver.  Wonder if Tracy realizes how much she means to so many!…"

and these kind words from Andy : "The last few years I have faced some tough times in my life. Some were downright scary!  In some of those darkest hours I believe God let me find Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos! …I not only found a great teacher but a friend and a whole new group of crafty friends. I learned to do an art that I love but it also helped and is still helping me work through some really tough times.  Tracy has challenged me to try new things and lo and behold, I found I could do them and even more. Each Monday night (I now look forward to Mondays) we meet here TW Studios Ustream and learn, create, chat, laugh, (sometimes histerically) and have a great time.


This is OUR time and as I said it is a great way to start the week, cleanse the soul and let it go…..not worry about the "perfection" and remind ourselves how important that creative time is.  I am already looking forward to next Monday night!  See you then!


"although every story has an end, in life every ending is just a new beginning.  Life goes on – not always the way we had envisioned it would be, but always the way it’s supposed to be.  We usually can’t choose the music life plays for us, but we can choose how we dance to it." ~Marc and Angel