Ok, I just have to do this idea, either shooting the photos or having somone take photos of me.  It is called "Trash the Dress".  You literally take that wedding dress that you normally stash away and you get photos taken is some strange place (i.e. in mud, the ocean, etc.)  Take a peek at this article.  I am going to offer this to any bride I shoot for sure!  I would absolutely get my wedding dress out for this (and yes it still fits!).  Oh man, anyone wanna grab a camera and head to the ocean with me??  I am adding this along with my desire to kayak in the ocean to my Life List.  Anyone want to rent a kayak and row under the Coronado bridge?

P.S.  Got stung by my first sea creature today.  The lifeguard thinks it was a jelly fish or stingray.  Either way my toe is hurting but not enough to keep me from boogie boarding with Tyler today.