Today I had the pleasure of photographing a couple for their engagement photos.  It was so much fun and I really enjoyed seeing two people who really love one another.  Just talking to them about their up-coming wedding was infectious.  They were both beaming with love.  I just wanted to tell them to hold on to that always.  I was happy to share good things about my husband and it made me feel good that I was saying this some 11 years later.  That also made me feel good.  I was more than thrilled to see the outcome of the pictures.  I hope they are happy with them.  This side-line of photography seems to be taking off on it’s own and I just love it.  It is so true that you have to follow your passion. 

Today we had a nice family movie and saw "Bridge to Terabithia".  I read this book as a child and just loved it.  It was a GREAT movie and perfect for us adults, Tyler and two five year olds.  You rarely find a movie that appeals to all ages.  We were all happy we saw it.  And, it just reiterates what I am always telling the kids about exploring their imaginations.  I think my favorite sound is the sound of the kids setting up a fort in the living room and just being kids.  Tyler has always had a great imagination and I see that carry through when he reads books.  What a special gift to have.