Let me begin this post by saying I love my kids and I don’t drink however this vodka/cranberry that is keepng me company right now is tasting very good.  LOL.  Lots of quibling going on and when you are in a two-room hotel room the walls start to close in.  Therefore when happy hour came today I told Pete I am taking advantage.  Our day was really fun.  We got a late start and had to go the mall to buy Pete pants. I am one of the only women I know who hates to shop so I sat in the air conditioned car with the kids.  (another reason to drink).

Then we decided to take a drive into Dallas so I would have some idea of where I am going.  I was so impressed with Dallas.  After being in NJ and NY a few weeks ago and driving their horrendous roads this was such a nice surprise.  We ended up at the Dallas Farmers Market and this was just perfect for me. I absolutely loved it.  Fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers and other neat things.  Tyler was a bit of a drag but that did not get me down.  After all the red meat I have eaten I welcomed fresh fruit in my stomach.  I thought Dallas was gorgeous.  When we left we took a different highway back only to discover we are like four exits up so Dallas is so easy to reach.  I am excited to go back this week with the kids.

We came back and I took the kids down to swim.  They have been bugging me since we got here to swim.  I remember bugging my parents on trips so I guess it was payback time.  I swear if I heard them ask one more time I was going to go crazy so I just took them.  Hence the need for this cranberry/vodka.  So I end this by saying I love my kids but at the moment I love the movie that is keeping them calm and quiet.