Join me on this whimsical journey through the creation of a mixed-media sunflower painting in your art journal. This tutorial is not just about following steps – it’s about letting go, embracing spontaneity, and allowing the art to lead you on an adventure. As I delved into this project, I found myself surrendering to the process. What emerged was a sunflower painting with playful Dr. Seuss vibes that brought a smile to my face. Enjoy creating this one in your art journal too!

sunflower art journal page

Prep your art journal page by taping the edges off with painter’s tape. Paint a coat of DecoArt White Chalky Gesso to prime your page for the acrylics. Dry with a heat tool.

For this project, I am using the new 2024 DecoArt paint colors. (You can use code EVL7AYSZ at checkout to save 12.5%.) I’m going to add a coat of Mystic Teal to my background and dry it with a heat tool. Then, I’ll use a stencil brush and pounce on New Leaf paint and some ink from a Ranger Archival Ink (Black) ink pad.

painting a mixed media background

Next, I will use a stencil brush and white gesso to pounce on my flower center. Then, I’ll use a paintbrush to add flower petals. I’ll use the Baby Duck yellow paint to add color to the flower center and petals. I’ll also mix in Sunset Gold and Tiger Lily to my flower petals and Salted Caramel and Cinnamon Stick to my flower center. I’ll use my heat tool on my flower center closely so that it starts to bubble up and add texture.

I’ll paint a black and white striped stem with green leaves. Then, I’ll use a black liner brush to outline my stem and leaves and add some texture lines. I’ll outline my flower petals as well.

sunflower art journal

I’ll use a small stencil brush and black acrylic paint to add color to my flower center. I’ll also use the end of my paintbrush to add yellow, orange, red, and white dots to my center. I’ll grab my black ink pad and add some color to the background and edges of my page.

Dry with a heat tool and remove the painter’s tape.

finished sunflower art journal page

Watch the replay below!

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