This is what happens when you have a wedding (well a second one).  You don’t want it to be a big deal, you want to share it with family and friends and then realize there are limited seats, travel arrangements, Vegas could work but darn you like the ocean, and you do not want to put people out or leave anyone out, budgets, once you buy the dress it needs to be altered, hand painted invitations (with the wrong time on them!…great memory), unsightly tan lines, and the list goes on! Include, exclude, all the things to do, logistics, etc.

But you slow down….you make it for the two of you.  There are times you feel it is too much, too little but on this day as I get ready to get “ready”…..It is about this…us.  It is about bringing it all together.


John jokes about meeting “Hurricane Weinzapfel”.  He had no idea.  Maybe at times it is too much but he takes it in stride…with me comes this and a much bigger family.


A very special thank you goes out to so many who I will want to sit down and name.  Right now I will say Shawn and Richard for inviting us in their home for a most awesome party last night.



As the comments, messages and texts roll in I feel beyond blessed.  Thank you to those thinking of us on this special day. That includes those who can be there and those who cannot!  I want to slow down the day, take it all in.  I will admit I dread the reading of the vows out loud in front of people (yes, I know everyone is surprised by that but public speaking is my greatest fear).  At the end of the day I become a Stratton but more importantly we add these men in the family I treasure most….




THANK YOU!………………… to get pretty and I get to put on THE shoes!