Oh my goodness have I been a bad blogger or what?  I know I have been when emails come in asking me what crazy things I am doing now.  To tell you the truth I am burning my candle at all ends and am happy to have some amazing projects in the works.  The biggest album of my creative career is four pages away from being done!  Yep, 4 more pages and I hopefully I can call this album done to my satisfaction and share with everyone who the big recipient is (OK, so a few know because I have a big mouth)!  Now to mention my studio looks like a tornado hit it.

Second, my new website is in the works with my new company name, logo and new look.  I hope to launch that when the album gets done but that is right after I talk to the man upstairs about giving me a few extra hours in the day.  I needed some studio photographs for the website and instantly went to the most amazing photographer, Kelly of Lotofoto.  She came over last week and we had a great time capturing my personality (and trust me……that is a big job!) in my studio.  I cannot help but share just one amazing shot but no more.  

They are all great and I swear if I could walk through life with those few tweaks and twitches she makes of me in her post processing I would not be so bummed about my birthday coming up.  How does she make me look younger?  Kelly, you are amazing!  Thank you Friend!

Let's see……………..baseball, baseball and baseball are a major part of my schedule.  Tyler's team is still undefeated.  I am honored and excited to capture the games on camera and make slideshows of these charismatic boys and coaches.  If you care to catch the last two games click HERE (Game 5) and HERE (Game 6) ….

Yep, and great times with such special friends.  I think Janine and I are packing on the pounds with a few trips out for dinner.  I love that she is a foodie like me!  Other than that I am up to nothing LOL.  So with that I promise to be better about posting but be patient.