Never thought I would be old enough for a mammogram but that day has come.  I care not to have you all thinking of me during that test but if it brings awareness to Breast Cancer than have at it!  You know I will be making jokes through it at my appointment tomorrow.  Send good wishes my way.  Really want things like this to come out clean.

Today mom, Tyler and I went and saw "Pursuit of Happyness".  It is quite good and has some wonderful messages for kids.  We all enjoyed it and my hips are loving that full bag of popcorn I munched down.  Thank heavens I am back to the gym and tomorrow Grandmawill spin extra hard at Spinning Class. 

I am back to spending some time in my scrapbook studio.  CHA deadlines are fast approaching.  I created one more layout for Fiber Scraps for their display.  I have a few more projects due and then I am going to work on a gift & pages for my friend’s baby (I promise Julie & Jaden!!). 

We are slowly returning to our routines around here.  Pete goes back to work tomorrow and the kids go back to school next week.  Mom and I have some trips planned and are even planning a spa day.  I am looking forward to that day!