Me Rah Workshop Day Two – Live shoot day at the beach with Carey Schumacher of Barefoot Memories!  We all caravaned down to Wind & Sea Beach in La Jolla (did I mention that Carey asked us to join us in her car!).  We sat down on the rocks for some camera instruction from the master herself. 

Carey has really perfected beach photography.  Five families joined us to be photographed so we split up into groups where Carey herself led us through her tips and techniques. This had to be my favorite part.  I was bare foot in the ocean water photographing a beautiful family.  The weather had threatened rain all weekend but the skies opened up to blue skies and it was beautiful. 
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Erins_pictures_160 Anyone wanna guess which ones are mine?

We returned to a beautiful outdoor lunch at the Rancho Bernardo Inn where I sat next to my buddy…

Then it was back to the classroom for some post process instruction from Carey.  Brian and Me Rah also took the time to introduce some indoor flash bouncing techniques and the last hour was spent critiquing our best photos.  The class and the teachers critiqued three of our photos and I found that part very useful. 

Then we all had some heart-felt good-byes and exchange of business cards.  We made 30 awesome contacts and formed some great relationships.  I decided at that point that I would do the optional 4 hour Monday workshop because this weekend had been so helpful.

So to my friend Kelly, THANK YOU!  Thank you for introducing me to Me Rah’s and Carey’s blogs and thank you for encouraging me to take this class with you.  I love that we share our love for photography and we have such a great friendship.  Many commented on our special bond and it is plain to see we love being with one another.  On the way home we just reminisced and felt like we were coming home from camp.  This is only the beginning girl.  You will take that perfect picture (she is an incredible photographer) and our cameras will take us where we want to go!  They have already brought this Nikon and Canon girl together.