As the Education Coordinator of DecoArt I have learned every paint is a new creative adventure!  This week’s adventure in the Studios is Dazzling Paints and Metallic Lustres!  LOVE, LOVE and LOVE!  Give me a T!  Give me a W!  Give me an S!


Ok, these were faux metallic letters I painted from Paper Mache!


Chipboard turned to home decor items!

FrameVaseBox Frame

and frames & mirrors from the thrift store that came back to life!

Luster_Frame Mirror Mirror1

and do not forget to incorporate them in your Mixed Media projects!  Working on some fun ones now!

The Dazzling Metallics are on SALE (ends October 30! coupon Code METALLIC25 upon ordering)  They are kitted for your convenience HERE.  Once color is not enough!

metallicsand the Metallic Lustres are HERE:


Stay tuned for videos!  I am making sure to share my creative processes with you!  Trust me these are SO EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Back to the Studio to paint!

We’ve all heard the expression “Treat others as you would treat yourself,” but do you see the irony of it?  As I grew older, and became more aware of my thoughts and stories, I realized that I hardly ever treat others as I treat myself.  I actually treat others much nicer, much kinder and way better all around.  Yet I manage to treat myself with so much anger, harshness and impatience, and I know I’m not the only one.  When was the last time you said something loving to yourself?  When was the last time you held your own hand and hugged yourself just for trying?”