I love water…..from the the beach, water-skiing, boating, to taking a bath being on the water is my bliss.  Water for me is such an amazing and wonderful place to be.  When you can share that experience with friends it is all the better (not the bathtub part lol).  Marilyn and Dave were nice enough to invite us out on their sail boat for the Beer Can Races (key part is races in that sentence).  


Dave is the Captain of Mi Sueno and due to some last minute cancellations was short handed a crew so we went from useless guests to learning about port, starboard, jibbing, lines (NOT ropes) and coming about very fast.  We started behind the pack but this new crew was not to be messed with.  We ended up coming in third so not bad for a rookie crew.  

It was absolutely amazing!  The clouds parted at a perfect time for us to enjoy the sunset (while being mindful of the wind) and the lighting was amazing.  I kept my camera tight around my neck to capture this amazing time.  



I captured every moment I could on film and share it HERE……


Happy Photographer on board….



Thank you Marilyn, Captain Dave, Mike, Mike and Jacqueline for putting that smile on my face.  Not one I am soon to forget.  If you ever need another useless member to your crew I will gladly step up with my camera in hand!

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