Dsc_0477_3 Today my friend Melissa and her adorable daughter Parker (My Goddaughter)…… came over for a visit.  They came bearing hand-me-downs including new princess dresses.  Michaela is the diva because of Melissa.  I think Melissa has clothed Micky since she Dsc_0485_4was a baby.  She came with three bags of clothes and as always they are so cute.  I am thankful for Melissa’s shopping hobby.  After going through the bags of clothes we had a wonderful visit.  We even persuaded them to stay for dinner (with my cooking that takes persuasion).  Parker was having too much fun with the kids.  She calls them her cousins but they look more like sisters & brothers. 

Melissa and I have known one another for about 12 years and we could not be more of an odd couple.  We just work and every time we get together it feels so good to catch-up.  She is a gem and I am thankful for our friendship.  I only wish she lived closer.

So next time you see Micky in her matching shirt, shorts & boots know that this tough of feminitity is not from me.  Thanks Melissa & Parker!