We are so excited that we have had more sponsors step up.  Our sponsors are the ones who provide the backing for us to keep this weekend affordable.  So what does that mean?  We are able to reduce the price from $275 down to $225!  Due to the larger class spaces we are able to add 10 more seats!  That is great news all around.  We are so thankful to our sponsors.  The whole concept being Ministry of Mixology is being none-profit and AFFORDABLE! Sign up here:  http://www.ministryofmixology.com/mom-usa-2017.html

If you already paid the $275 you will be refunded the difference via Paypal so look for that credit soon.  That is more money to spend with our on site retailer!

Ministry of Mixology USA is set and booked for Buena Park, CA for August 25-27th!  Tickets are on SALE now!  http://www.ministryofmixology.com/mom-usa-2017.html

Seats are limited!  We are so excited for the line up of sponsors we have!  More to be announced.  The goody bag stuff is already coming in and filling up my foyer!