Join me in creating a pink floral watercolor art journal page that is soft, cheerful, and perfect for springtime. I only used a few watercolor paints for this along with some fun paint splatter effects that bring the whole piece together. Grab your watercolor palette and your brushes and let’s get started! 

pink watercolor art journal page

I am using a 7×10 watercolor art journal and I am starting off by adding painter’s tape around the edges. I’m going to take some pink watercolor paint and just add some petals to my paper. I don’t want this to be super colorful, but more relaxed and muted.

adding pink watercolor paint for petals

Next, I’ll add some green watercolor paint in the background. I’ll also add some brown and black in my flower center. Let dry or dry with a heat gun.

adding the green background and flower center

Then, I’ll take my liner brush and some pink watercolor paint and add some detail linework around my petals. You’re going to use loose, scribbly lines – just have fun with this! I’ll also take some brown and black watercolor paint and add some details to my flower center. I’m using a stencil brush and just pouncing the color onto my paper.

adding linework and details to art piece

I’ll grab my liner brush with some pink watercolor paint and tap it against another brush over my paper to create a paint splatter effect. Next, I’ll grab some white acrylic paint and create some more paint splatter, focusing on my flower center. I’ll also add some lines with my liner brush.

using a paint splatter effect

Finally, I’m going to take some of the white acrylic paint and the stencil brush and pounce some paint onto my piece to soften things up a bit. I’ll also add some extra green watercolor paint around my edges to soften it too. Remove your painter’s tape and let dry.

finished watercolor art piece

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