I have this philosophy about being a mom of twins….I feel like since I only gave birth once but had two I should not be punished for this feat.  I mean, come on…this really is a feat in itself (ok, maybe because I wonder what God was up to when he blessed me with two that I consider it a feat).  So when this incredible blessing bestowed itself upon me I never even thought what it would be like to have two fourth graders at the same time needing to complete school projects.

Then the dreaded California Mission Project was here.  After "helping" Tyler construct his Mission 5 years ago I remember thinking I would temporarily relocate to a Mission-Free State like Montana just to avoid this project.  But none-the-less here it was and us parents all know what an undertaking these projects can be.  There is nothing like handing your kids cardboard, Xacto knives and rulers and say have at it.  And we all know that when your child hands you a form at the beginning of spring break you are all going to forget about it so the Friday before the project is due you are going to bust-tail to come up with something. 

Now the funny thing was out of all the Missions in California (21 in total) all THREE of my kiddos were assigned the SAME mission, San Juan Capistrano (which is also our favorite).  So not only did I have to construct it once or twice……..I had to built it three times!  I even tried to talk to the twin's teachers to see if we could collaborate their efforts into one giant mission.  No go so over one weekend this mom "assisted" her two 4th graders and here is our completed projects!TWB_6399a


We did have fun finagling these things together and they were happy


I look at these projects as payback for what I put my dad through. Because of his scaled to size wooden Trozen horse that I had to roll in on wheels (ok, a slight exaggeration) and the toothpick/egg Orb contraption he built I not only passed AP Physics but ended up being voted "Most Likely to Fly to the Moon in a Toothpick Spacecraft"   What teenage girl does not want to be voted that…..forget Most Beautiful Eyes or Most Likely to Succeed.  Thanks Dad, I now pass on this tradition (I mean torture) down to my kids.

So Mission Complete………..this curtails any maternal instinct I have to have any more kids. I hold a baby and instantly a Mission pops into my head. Any of you parents who deal with school projects I feel you completely and if you are a mom of twins…then you get me completely. A's all around!


"I'll look back on this and smile because it was LIFE and I decided to live it" ~Unknown