Swim lessons started today and then Pete wanted to take the jet skis out to the ocean so I was coming home to load up and head over there.  He was all loaded and ready and then asked me about some paint that was blistering in our living room.  Uh oh……paint does not blister for any good reason and I knew immediately that water was a culprit.  I got up on the chair and sure enough water was seeping through the wall.  Much to the disappointment of all I elected myself to stay home and take care of the problem (this is where keeping the books & payroll for a plumber comes in handy).  So I sacrificed myself to stay behind all by myself with no kids and take care of the problem.  Now I know what you are thinking, Poor Tracy has to be alone all day with no kids, no water (so no laundry or dishes) and a big fat pool inviting her to cool off.  It was a sacrifice I made and Pete and kids headed off while I waited for the plumber. 

                                                     Lets pause for little alone happy Mommy dance!

OK, so I whittled my fingers (after my dance) for two seconds and decided to make good use of my time. I ran (with a spring in my step) in my studio to complete some projects.  Many ask where my ideas come from and sometimes they come to me while driving, sleeping or in the shower.  I seem to have a lot lately so in the last three days I completed four projects for CHA displays. 

Let’s start with Buttons Galore & More.  I completed this Military frame. this photo is actually a scan of a painting of Pete when he first joined the Navy.
_dsc4638 _dsc4701

A wedding layout of my friend Tracy’s wedding that I shot
_dsc4646 _dsc4652

and this cool "Sun, Shells & Sand" mini album (made from restaurant coasters)
Page_0 Page_1 Page_2
Page_3 Page_4 Page_5_2

I also created this "Soccer Star" Layout for Inkadinkado’s Website (coming in August)

So tonight I cap off my day of labor (a.k.a leisure) with a haircut.  I know, living the rough life.  Hey, someone has to keep the fort standing.

……..and not all good news….major issue with plumbing.  New task to handle tomorrow when I call insurance.  Always something.