One of the things I have enjoyed doing over the past year is creating my life…managaing my time.  Deciding what is important to me.  That is not always easy to do.  Sometimes major things happen to be a catalyst for change.  Kind of forcing you to find a new and better path.  That is just what I have done and love where I am in my life.  I am the boss. I surround myself with those who uplift, support and are part of my dreams.  I carried those thoughts into my Dreams Journal tonight for Mixed Media Monday:




Acrylic Paints (DecoArt), Spray Paint & Marker (Montana), Watercolor Crayon (Caran D' Ache), Ink (Tim Holtz Distress), Adhesives (Beacons 3-In-1), Buttons (Buttons Galore & More), Acrylic Ink (Liquitex), Templates (The Crafter's Workshop)



I was not sure where I was gonig with this page but just played….



As I do every Monday I created this project LIVE in one hour with no prep or practice.  Just me and some of the items I have on hand.  I encourage you all to stop saving those tings you buy and pull them out and USE THEM!  Tonight I had fun with spray paints (once I finally figured out how to open them!) and Crafter's Workshop templates.  If you missed it LIVE you can catch the recording HERE:


Mixed Media Mondays have grown so popular and I love getting to know everyone.  Remember to join our Mixed Media Monday Facebook Group as that is the best place for me to get to know you, your art and share what we start every Monday!  See you next Monday!!!


You gotta love it when your hands become part of your art…..


"The single most important thing in life is what it means to you.  Life doesn’t come prepackaged with this meaning either; you create it.  Doing so is rarely easy, but it’s always within your power and well worth the effort.  You’ll be far happier for troubling yourself, rather than letting everyone else design your life for you."