I have lots going on in my studio…..this is what the storage situation looks like right now and I do not do well working under unorganized consitions (I wish I could reprogram that part of my head)


I am so darn thankful for the creative chaos and even more Thankful for Mixed Media Monday that takes me away from it…our creative escape every Monday.  Here is the 11 X 14 canvas that came from our evening:  


MATERIALS LIST:  Gesso, Decoupage & Paints (DecoArt – Desert Turquoise, Spice Pumpkin, Cadmium Yellow, Tangelo Orange, Pumpkin & Irish Moss), Montaina Pens, Ink (Tim Hotz and Marvy Uchida) and Charcoal Pencil


I apologogize for the video issues which are beyond my control but in two parts we did get a show.  If you missed it LIVE it is recorded for your viewing pleasure and available on my YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/TraceB5:




This was all about using my favorite Decoart Paints and Mediums that are lining my floors.  Here are some of the finer details….  


This morning I started my day with some emails and comments following last night's show and from people sharing life's journey with me.  I posted this on Facebook:

"I want to share that life is not always easy…Mondays nights were here for me at a time when I need them the most. I get frustrated for the video issues that arise on occasion but your patience and support keeps me keepin' on. I thank you all for participating, caring and sharing life's journey. Sometimes I share too much, sometimes I feel I share too little, but I feel like what comes back is ten-fold. So on this Tuesday….with your triumphs and tribulations I thank you! Art heals……this I know for sure."

The responses mean the world to me.  So for life that just Keeps on Keepin' on.  Prayers for those in Oklahoma.  I thank you for this sharing this art journey.  We may not always know where it is taking us but it sure is an awesome ride.

 Thank you again for filling my heart and my Mondays with Mixed Media Mania!  I welcome everyone to join the Facebook Group HERE and share your projects!   Don't forget our May 2013 Creative Dare too! Next Monday we are off due to my travel schedule but we will be LIVE on Wednesday, May 29th where I will announce all the Birthday WINNERS!


"When you tough it out, hold the line, and stay the course, I
promise you there will soon come a day when you look back over your shoulder,
shake your head in dismay, and seriously wonder what all the fuss was about."