What a night it was Monday night!  It was Ustream technical issue after technical issue and despite my sweating I was calm.  It was what it was and I did the best I could to make that night happen for me and for everyone!  We had a record number of viewers which was off the charts and there was nothing but support from all who where there. As a disclosure, I cannot control Ustream and I just let that go and created.  This is what came from that wonderful night……..



Paints, Decoupage & Gesso (DecoArt), Stipple Brushes (DecoArt), Transfer Paper (DecoArt), Buttons (Buttons Galore & More), Stamp Ink (Marvy Heritage), Adhesives (Beacons Fabri-Tac), Pens (Montana Paint), Charcoal Pencil

MATERIALS USED CAN BE PURCHASED HERE:  http://astore.amazon.com/twstudios-20

If you missed the LIVE show you can catch the recording HERE (NOTE:  Please excuse any technical or sound issues as those were Ustream issues and were beyond my control):

I love all the Button Fun on this page!


What a simply amazing night it was! The love and support I got was beyond anything I ever expect.  To sum it up Andy Watson (Moderator extraordinaire who held it all together during the sound issues) said:

"Aw, Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos you are just such an example.  Just because things get hard, there are bumps in the road, the sound gets muffled, things get dark now and then…..that's no reason to quit. In spite of all the frustrations…..something beautiful comes out in the end   Thank You, once again, Tracy, for inspiring us all!  ♥ ♥ ♥"

Mary Frederichsen……

"…..Thank you for a great show tonight. You showed what a professional you are by how you just kept on working! Many others would have allowed their egos to get in the way and called it! Thank you for showing that art transends all obsticles,especially U-Stream!! lol ♥"

and Lori Batronis…..

"Last night was a perfect example to all of us that creating needs to come from within. There will always be outside forces trying to knock you off course. We need to all listen to our souls, go to our happy place, and use the God given talents that were entrusted in us. He would not have given them to us if He did not want us to use them. I thank God every day for all of you and mostly you dear dear Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos"

That was a lesson for us all.  Drop the perfectionism and just let it happen organically.  There were so many similar quotes and emails that just capped off an amazing night.  Maybe this whole night will be remembered for my ginormous Montana paint marker that saved the day (watch the video to the very end)……


Tomorrow I will be posting the official March Creative Dare that I am so excited about so stay tuned.  In the meantime Thank You to our two amazing sponsors this month:

I LOVE buttons and containers so this was a great way to start out March!  Remember, I am off next week due to travel!  See you in TWO weeks for Mixed Media Monday!  Do not forget to join our Facebook Group HERE:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/112352452239274/

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I said this today……my goal is simple:  I want to empower uplift & support fellow artists/women, share my passion and do what I love.  I get to do just that every Monday with an amazing group of people.  That is my path……..


"Every one of us is a perfectionist about something.  Learn to sense when your desire to make something perfect is preventing you from getting it done.  Realize that the idea of perfection is not only unachievable, it can destroy your otherwise productive mindset.  It will keep you running in place, feeling insane for your entire life.  If you feel like you’re running in place right now, take a break and reflect.  Think about the difference between diligent effort and perfectionism.  Know when enough is enough.  Say it out loud if you must:  “Get lost perfectionism!  Without you I am brilliant!”