This week I continued on in my 7 X 10 "Dreams" Journal for the February Creative Dare.  Make sure to check it out and upload your projects HERE.  I am loving all the work you guys are sharing with me!  This week I talk about coming from a place of "Yes" and staying "Yes" to the things that are important.  Having boundaries and realizing what is really important to YOU and your family.  For me, my Family is number one and working very hard so come the weekend and my off times I can be engaged with those around me.  That is my place of "YES"

I dedicated this page in my journal to just that and here is my finished piece……



Paints & Decoupage (Decoart), Template (The Crafter's Workshop), Button (Buttons Galore & More), Crayons (Caran D' Ache), Stamp Ink (Tim Holtz), Adhesives (Beacon Adhesives), Ink (Daler Rowney & Dr PH Martins), Charcoal Pencil, Stamps (Stampendous), Pens (Molotow & Montana)



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This place of "Yes" allows me to be present at my kids sports, spending time with my friends, taking hikes, long walks and painting.  For everyone that place is different.  I have lost sight of that place in my past and even this weekend let a few minor set backs get to me.  But I dug my heels in and realized just how minor they were and did not let them derail me.  That is my place of "Yes".  For that I am grateful.

Thank you all who tuned in.  Every week the numbers go up and I try to keep my focus and perspective just as it was when less than five people tuned in.  Stay true to me, my art and what inspires me.  I am who I am and am happy that so many want to share in this creative journey with me.  The last Monday of February is next week so make sure to tune in!

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This week remember to breathe in and find your Place of "Yes".  Once you find it you will know……trust me.  It took me a long time to feel the power of that one little word.

"Don’t allow others to convince your heart what to do.  Your heart already knows.  Listen to it.  Don’t let anyone else distinguish what is right or wrong for you.  You’ve got to stand up for something specific, on your own two legs, or you will achieve nothing great in life."