I did not think that January could be topped but we did just that in February!  Every week the audience grows larger and yet again I am thrilled to see what March has in store for us.  First off……..here is the calendar (click to enlarge and print):

NOTE:  I am off on Monday, March 11th for a trip to Las Vegas to WPPI to re-energize and fill my creative tank!

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I am excited to announce that our OFFICIAL SPONSOR FOR March is VIEWTAINER and BUTTONS GALORE & MORE!




Thank you so much for joining me and for sharing this creative path with me.  Very excited for this Month!


"Passion is powerful.  It rests deep within you and passively drives your feelings, choices, and courses of actions.  It can’t be ignored, and it shouldn’t be ignored.  Your passion will become the sole source of your greatest achievements and your finest moments.  The fevering excitement of love.  The joy of work that moves you.  The clarity of your purpose.  The ecstasy of letting go and being one with the present moment.  This is what passion does to you."