This past year lots of changes occured in my life which I equated to a butterfly and growing wings……I did not know what the flight had in store for me.  I had moments of doubt but was optimistic.  I was bold at times while scared…then I got to start see it unfold.  Along the way I kept my passion in my heart and the desire to share it.  Not "teach" or "preach" but find like-minded people who share this passion and to encourage/inspire.  In a sense they "got" me.  Little did I know how that group would grow and take flight of it's own. 

The group has a name…….Mixed Media Mondays.  It is that group that I dedicate today's post and thank them for watching as the wings grew and believing in the direction of the group.  We have a Facebook group (open to all so invite your friends!), a meeting time and when we miss a Monday you can sense the void. Heck we even have mugs to start our weeks out with!  It is growing every week and for that I am also grateful. 

This year I had the honor of hosting a swap for Christmas and I THANK YOU for all the cards and especially the kind notes you wrote me. 



I share them HERE:



I thank you for sharing you, your art and your lives with me.  As I read the cards (with tears in my eyes) I realized that this was not a mere group but a safe artisitic place for all.  Your kind words of courage and faith in me remind me just how wonderful this flight has been and it has only just begun!  You have propelled me to think of new challenges and things we can share creatively!  So watch out……2013 here we come!

Merry Christmas from my Studio to yours……

 "If you are passionate about it, pursue it, no matter what anyone else thinks.  That’s how dreams are achieved."