Mixed Media Monday Re-Cap in Art

It is that time to share the latest 11 X 14 Original paintings created LIVE on Mixed Media Monday!  I really love looking back at the pieces that I painted LIVE with you all!


As I look back at these pieces I think of how much I enjoy that creative time with you all!  No matter what the day holds I love having that time!  If you have not joined us for Mixed Media Monday you can find out more information HERE: What is Mixed Media Monday?

and while I am at it I am excited to share my new business cards too incorporating my artwork!!


Make sure to check my Calendar of Events for the next Mixed Media Monday.  I hope in some way MMM inspires you to take that time to paint, be creative and Let It GO!  Stay tuned for more crazy colorful fun from the Studio!

Cherish your time alone.  Take long walks and drives by yourself.  Watch sunsets and sunrises silently in peace.  Teach yourself something new.  Read books.  Write poetry.  Sing along to your favorite songs.  Check your instincts and follow them on your own time, without third party influence.  Decide if fitting in 24/7 is more important than discovering who you truly are and what you’re here to do.  Once you’ve got a handle on this, relationships with others get a lot easier.”

5 thoughts on “Mixed Media Monday Re-Cap in Art

  1. Wow! Reading the quote at the end has just summed a whole lot up. Hey ho… I want to apologise as I haven’t kept up with your blog since I signed up a few weeks ago. I don’t sign up to blogs etc unless I can be inspired or learn. Both is the case with yours. I suppose I aspire to your creativity & thinking. Just not near to any of that right now.
    Will try harder when life allows. Tfs. C

    • Thank you Caroline! I like it when just one thing reaches someone from my blog. I write for me and love it so when I get comments like yours it keeps me going! ♥

  2. You give me courage and faith that my personal ability is enough. Yes, I’m one of those who has a load of supplies and never feels quiet sure how to put it together. You inspire me. Thanks, God bless you and yours! Sharon

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