9/5/13 UPDATE – Due to my son's school activity I will need to cancel the Monday, September 16th Show.  The revised calendar is below.  Thank you for understanding Mom Duties!  

Thank you so much for a Awesome August and adjust to the schedule for some personal time.  I really needed it and am looking forward to September!  We had month full of creative Mondays and I am ready to get this party strated!  

Here is the calendar for September…(click to enlarge and print):


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In honor of my September trip to Houston, TX in September to teach FabScraps classes I am excited to announce that our OFFICIAL SPONSOR FOR August is Fabscraps!!


For more information on Fabscraps check them out here: 

Website: http://www.fabscrapsusa.com/
Blog: http://www.lovefromfabscraps.blogspot.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/FabScraps/112579348780638 - PLEASE LIKE THEM and thank them for their support.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our official September Creative Dare!  A special thanks to all who Let it Go and participated in our August Creative Dare.  Winner announced next week!


"You won’t settle for the work that makes you a living, without also balancing in alife that’s worth living.  You won’t settle for the man or woman who keeps you warm at night, but who can’t see his or her way into the depths of your soul or the breadth of your heart.  You won’t settle for giving less than everything to your work, to your play, to your loves, to your life.  In fact, if there’s one thing you will settle into in this lifetime, it’s the belief that the greatest risk is never to risk at all.  And oh, how you’re willing to dare greatly – for passion, for connection, for the adventure of being alive."