So today Michaela came home from school and asked the most dreaded question "Mom, what are taxes?" (and you thought it was going to be "Where do babies come from?"). And so it goes…….Ctr_taxes

Michaela:  My teacher says you have to pay taxes…..what are they?
MOM:  Well, you have to pay taxes, money to the government when you live in the United States.
M:  how much?…(pause) and who is the government?
MOM:  Well, it is a percentage of how much you make and President George W Bush kind of heads it all up.
M:  Make doing what?
MOM:  Working
M:  So you work and then you have to pay all your money to the United States?
MOM (starting to sweat now):  Not all of it but some of it.
M:  Did you pay yours?
MOM:  Yep, mommy and daddy went and had them done so we are good to go.
M:  So now we are broke?
MOM:  No, we are fine

(dear Lord, please get me out of this conversation with my 6 year old)

M: I don’t think I want to work if I pay someone taxes.
MOM:  It is just part of the deal to live in this great country (meanwhile I am thinking of how our taxes are squandered but don’t want to open up that can of worms with her)
M:  What if you don’t pay taxes today?
MOM:  You can go to jail?
M:  (with look of surprise) well, maybe I will work then.  I don’t want to go to jail.
MOM:  That is a good plan…..Are we good?
M:  Yep…….thanks (and she walks out)

(this is where I wanted to chase her down and asked her "Mick, sure you don’t want to know about where babies come from).