Today I had the pleasure of hosting a real tea party.  I invited the girls over to have tea and decided to make it kid-friendly and fun.  Michaela and Shannon donned their finest princess attire.  Our boys were the servers and took their jobs very seriously.  The finest china (thank you Victoria), the lace table cloth (thank you Janine) and my silver tea set were brought out for the occasion.  Flowers and place cards also adorned the table.  

Our server, with lead server Tyler brought out sparkling cider, flavored teas, mini quiches, blueberry muffins and almond blueberry tea cakes (thank you Costco!).   What a lovely event. 

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Of course once our servers were dismissed a gun fight ensued around us, the Wii game was put on full volume and total mayhem cut lose but what do you expect with 7 boys.  While we had the peace and quiet momentarily it was nice. 

Thank you girls for a lovely time and thank you boys for being such good sports.  I am looking forward to the next time.  I think I was the hostess with the mostess!  My Aunt Linda would be so proud of me!