I am sitting here this quiet Labor Day morning…drinking my tea, catching up on a few emails. My normal Monday morning routine but not so normal.  Today is Labor Day….a labor free day.  I have been working a ton and juggling a lot with the kids first week of school.  Loving that opportunity to work, be with the kids and doing what I love.  NOT always easy, rarely is. 

This weekend I worked.  Very sad to miss my son's first travel soccer games but could not pass up the opportunity and even got to take the twins to work with me on Saturday helping out a dear friend.  My Village stepped in and stepped up!  Rides to Soccer, Joey to his friend's house on Sunday and Micky was off to the water park on Sunday.  And without the help of dear friends…….this lovely new toy would not be in our garage nor standing upright……one man's trash with a broken leg and dings/dents is another Mom's treasure and it now sits in our garage.


my friend posted on Facebook this weekend to me…and she pegged it perfectly:

"….being a working mom is difficult!  That's why you have close friends to help you out!  The kids are happy cuz they are with friends and you are happy and relieved because they are with trusted people. And you pay it forward when you can!  It takes a village Tracy, and we are more than happy to be your villagers!  Have a good day at work lady!"


Sunday night we all convened with friends in my garage to break in the new pool table.  We had friends over for BBQ, pool (swimming) and pool!  It was exactly as I envisioned….a place for us just to hang out.  A place for the kids to invite friends.  Little by little adding more things for them.

So to my village I thank them and invite them all…I am blessed and this Labor Day morning this seems fitting: 


I wish everyone well on this labor day weekend. I dedicate this to my Village.  I am honored to be a part of yours and am there if you need me.  I am also thinking of some friends who are dealing with an accident, surgery, etc.  Tough times…blessed times.  ♥

Now back to my tea….



"Want to know what's better than having it all? Way, way better? Not having it all, but knowing of its inevitability, in a never-ending adventure that's just barely begun."