Monday night I posted this on my Facebook Page before I went to bed……..

"You know you love what you do when you share it with others and they "Get you"….you can't please all but those who get you make it all worth it! ♥ for those who share my craziness & passion for art!". 

It was after one of my Helmar LIVE shows (join us LIVE every Monday for the fun!) and all of us like minded creative ones just hanging out.  Mondays are the busiest day of the week for me and when I get to the evening and have to do something creative LIVE I sometimes feel drained.  The day's activities just take it out of me but when we go on my mojo just kicks in and we go from nothing to someting creative in an hour.  It has made me realize that being me, creating my own art, and sharing it is so important.  For so long I had my photos, never shared my scrapbook pages except for with family (they are far too nice to say they don't like them) and hid behind what I did.  One time in front of a workshop of fellow photographers they asked what I did and I actually lied!  My friend next to me questioned me and I explained saying you are an "Artist" is almost like saying you are an "Alien", so I never wanted to explain it.  But that is me.  That is who I am and like or lump it that is who I am. 

I cannot tell you how great it is to get an email like this……..

"Anyone else love Helmar?  How about Miss Tracy?  Well I do!  And I love her Ustream Mondays!  She has been getting me inspired to actually paint and draw and make things over then paper crafting!  Here are a few mixed media paintings I did that I'm loving right now…"  ~Lizzie. Check out her blog POST.


She gets it……she gets ME…..she is an Artist!

Then this email from Lillian…..

"Truth be told my first artistic canvas creation might be more in the line if a Picaso painting.  But WHAT FUN I had in creating this sweet little piece of canvas art.  I was inspired by Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos, who is the President of Helmar USA, Inc." ~Lillian. Check out her POST!


She gets it……she gets ME…..she is an Artist!

and this email from Lacey…….

"Over this past weekend I mentioned joining my dear friend Tracy, the owner of my fave adhesive company, Helmar Adhesives USA. She did a canvas piece that was just great. Tonight I needed to put together a card for a gal at work for her 13 year anniversary at work…I immediately thought of the play time Tracy had. I wanted to share this piece of information because sometimes we watch a video or see a project and think "oh that's great, but I don't do canvas pieces." Or card or layouts or whatever it may be. My advice is to not be limited by just what you see. So, what if its canvas, that doesn't mean you can't pick up a little something from it to draw inspiration at a later date to use on something completely different and maybe in a different way even…."  ~Lacey. Check out her POST!


She gets it……she gets ME…..she is an Artist!

or this comment from my friend Karyn who I have known for a long time…….

"Yes Tracy I was there….you are so patient when the kids AND DOG came into the room…I would have lost my cool.-… are awesome, LOVE YOUR WORK!"  

and the amazing Stephanie Ackerman who I adore her work

"I get you…you get me and when we are together…we probably drive people a little crazy!" 

Ironically on Stephanie's Blog was this (Please check out her work if you have not seen it HERE!)…..


I received this replay too from Leticia…

"I don't get the "Get you" reply… normally it is a glazed over look but the people in my life make baby steps… in the next couple of weeks I hope to introduce my neighbor to Hobby Lobby… just about on her 1 year anniversary to when I introduced her to a Michael's. LOL!"

I remember that glazed over look…or the head tilted to the side with the puzzled look and now when I get that I feel no need to explain.  You get it, choose to try to get it or maybe it is not your thing.  That is fine by me because not everyone is going to "get you" but you getting you is all that matters.

So I am an Artist.  Plain and simple.  It is what I love, what I do and maybe a lot of who I am…….and sharing that means more than you will ever know.


"Gratitude turns what we have into enough"