Monday I had one of those days you just want to scream (and if you have kids you just may be blowing your top).  You moms know what I am talking about.  I had one kid home sick, oldest one trying out for high school soccer so pick up and drop off, choir practice, work, trying to fit in dinner, dog goes to the bathroom on the floor, twins doing homework and asking 40 million questions, dinner now burning, phone ringing, oldest son needs to be picked up, "Mom I forgot this….Mom, where is this….Mom, I need homemade cookies for my class on Thursday….Mom, I want homemade muffins…Mom, what are you getting us for our birthday…."  (oh crap, note to self the twin's birthday is THIS Saturday!)

I was having a moment where I wished Calgon would swoop in and just take me away and I just started laughing (that may have been tears but since I was not in the fetal position I will call it laughing).  I just took a deep breath….

From that chaos I needed to be on the internet LIVE for Helmar Ustream and had to get myself in this creative, Zen place.  I just wanted everyone to know what place I was in and I settled in LIVE.  It was such a nice place to land after the chaos to just creative with fellow like-minded souls and moms.  They get it….they knew and we just painted………

and this is the fun we had….


  • Helmar: Decoupage, Liquid Scrap Dots, & 450 Quick Dry, Crystal Kote
  • 9 X 12 Canvas
  • Watercolor Crayon
  • Acrylic Paints – DecoArt
  • Gesso
  • Charcoal Pencil
  • Stamp Pads – Marvy Heritage
  • Flowers – plucked right off the dried flowers at Michael's
  • India Ink & Nib – Winsor Newton
  • Book Text

What started as one of those days, ended with so much fun and creativity.  There is not more I could ask for and I got comments a day later like this: 

"You put the fun back in Mondays!" ~Lillian C.

"Great creativeness, Tracy! I just finished watching 2 videos from last night!! I can't wait to do a canvas or watercolor paper card! You are a silly head! That's all I can say! Lol. You're so fun!" ~Vanessa W.

"Thanks so much again Tracy, I have almost finished my orange canvas and I am going to send it to my mum. She is going to be stoked!!! She hasn't seen any of my work, so I know she is going to be so suprised. All thanks to you!! I would have never have made a canvas, if it wasn't for you, so thanks!" ~Renee A.

"Awesome show Miss T! You rocked it! I love every moment of it! I loved the visit from Mick and her adorableness!!!! And I love that you are a thrifty crafter too! I use those silk flowers all the time! I like to hit up the dollar tree… can't beat a big stack of flowers for a buck!!" ~Lizzie O.

"Awesome class…I think this was my fave canvas so far! My favorite parts were the prek scribble technique w/the watercolor crayon…how fun was that?…and the whitewash. Love the result! Thanks for taking the time to share your project with us!" ~ Doris W.

and Renee Aslette shared her BEAUTIFUL take on our project (and I did not even ask her to say this!):

"Just a quick note to tell you how much I love Monday night Live again!  I have attached my canvas that was totally inspired by you,  I cannot believe that I am even doing a canvas!!!…" ~Renee


and this one from Laurie Carta-Tom………

"The canvas is 18” by 14”. The flowers are Gerber Daisies (I found them in a box we hadn’t unpacked yet)….“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter the words, but to live by them.” JFK…Tracy, I haven’t painted anything for years, so thank you so much for inspiring me.  That paintbrush felt so good in my hand!" ~Laurie


I cannot tell you how much this gives back to me especially on a day when I just needed it.  Next time I will start the camera rolling from dinner LOL.  We all know how it is……you guys put the fun in my MONDAY just when I needed it! 

Thank you!  I will be back LIVE on Monday, November 28th!  Jessica Morales will be on LIVE next Monday so tune in and you can watch past shows right HERE!


"Do exactly what your 'Yeah-but' syas you shouldn't.  Write that novel. Adopt a puppy. Resist opression.  Keep the 'yeah' and kick the 'but'" ~Martha Beck