You ever have a day where you lose things or you have to spend needless money?  Today was my day.  It started with JoJo’s flip flops (notice JoJo’s name comes up frequently, God Love him).  They managed to walk off he beach by themselves.  Now if you knew the background of these flops you would understand my stress.  It took four returns to get the right size and here they up and walked away.  Some Sea Gull is wearing new Target Size 2 Flops.  So on the way home I had to go buy him the same pair (two pairs of cute shorts also jumped in the bag too).  Then I decided to be Mom of the Year and buy the kids the new Webkinz.Fall  Long story short…Tyler got his going and then signed up the twin’s Webkinz.  When logging back in he realized he wrote down the password/user name down wrong (P.S.  Dad decided to help him think of user names/passwords using his high security mind).  They are five years old!  The password has to be easy.  So needless to say when you read the fine print it says you lose the user name/password/security code and you are SOL….so $10 out the door.  OK, that was my rant of the month.  I just hate to waste money.  Oh man, I sound like a old lady who went through the Great Depression.  OK, back to being me……no more complaining.

OK, I have to shout out to Inkadinkado.  I have been doing monthly projects for their website and I just love what they send.  I created this layout last night and love it. Dsc_0500_3 It feels more like an work of art than a scrapbook page.

and look at how cute she is………. sometimes there are moments that just call for the camera.  When we got home from the beach Micky showered and came out dressed for the ball.  I think they should make PrincessDsc_0490_2 gowns for moms.  When you put it on you would say to the kids "Mummy is not available right now.  I am waiting for my stagecoach to pick me up".  My luck the statecoach would pick me up and that darn seagull holding Joey’s shoe would drop it on my head LOL. 

Until tomorrow friends.  Think of me when I drop $10 for another Webkinz.