The kids and I decided to take in one more apple orchard for some Fall picking.  This is our local orchard and we just love heading down the road, picking these big delicious apples and hanging out.  This day marked the 2 year anniversary from the start of the Witch Creek fires.  Two years ago we were in this same exact orchard on the day the fires started.  We had no clue picking those apples what the coming weeks would bring.  In fact, the house of the orchard owner was burned down and two years later a brand new house was there.  The kids and I took a moment to reflect on that time which I blogged about HERE

But on this day the winds were still and we enjoyed our time together.


Of course being the Susy Homemaker I am I immediately came home to put on my apron, come up with some wonderful apple recipes, and fill the home with the loving sounds of kids frolicking and me happy in my kitchen….Now if you believe that than you are reading the wrong blog.  To set the record straight, I do not own an apron, I don't have any wonderful recipes to share, the house never sounds of kids frolicking and I basically am not happy in the kitchen unless I am walking out of it.  However, I did give birth to someone who should own a apron, loves new recipes and enjoys being in the kitchen (he is not much of a frolicker though).  He made two yummy apple pies and then apple/pumpkin muffins (and I wonder why my rear is expanding!)

P.S. If anyone needs apples please let me know.  We have far too many and truth be told if I did not have to see another apple again for a bit I would be happy with that.