So she is at it again.  Two days ago it was a tumultuous 100 degrees.  My deodorant was working overtime (or so I hoped) and I was baking in the hot sun.  Yesterday she decides to spring clouds over the ocean (aka Marine Layer) so I cannot go in my hot air balloon.  What is left?  (Ok, maybe it is not so good to be complaining here because I bet there are some people in China and Myanmar who have bigger bones to pick with Mother Natue).  Today I go hiking with a friend with my shorty shorts and running shirt only to be greeted at the bottom of the mountain with rain and COLD!  Come on now!  I had goosebumps that I felt I would be better off climbing.  Kelly and I were soaked.  I drove home and just a quarter mile up the road, over my house it was sunny.  I felt like I was on the Adam’s Family where that single rain cloud hovers over the house.  Sock_hopOr was that the Munster’s?  I always get those two mixed up.  Someone email me on that one.

Big night tonight.  TBall practice and I plan on getting out there to help since we will be pitching to the kids on the 31st.  Then we dash right over to Open House at School.  Tomorrow is the Mother/Son Sock Hop at school.  I will have two dates (Joey & Tyler).  Man, I have to get something to wear for that!  Anyone have a poodle skirt I can borrow?  Maybe just a pair of Mary Jane’s?  Nothing like leaving that for the last minute!   

I also want to welcome my new readers to the site.  In this past week since being a Featured Site I have had the pleasure of "meeting" and corresponding with so many interesting people who are stopping by to see what I am up to.  Hey, I don’t suppose any of you have a poodle skirt laying around?  Now that is wrong of me to use this public forum as a play to solicit my needs.  Heck no, this is my right…….Come on, help a Mommy out!