Mother's Day is coming and my kids asked me what I wanted….I am not about to ask them for an iPad but the thought did cross my mind.  What flashed across my mind was an image of me poolside on a lounge chair, being fanned by them while they feed me grapes (without them fighting over who will holds the fan!) but that is about as likely as the iPad. I came upon this website called Red Envelope:

I sent some links to my oldest with some good Mother's Day gift ideas………

Gifts for Her

Gift ideas for Mom

Mothers Day gift ideas

They have some really great personalized gifts for Moms and I gave them a budget to work with as the items here fit in that budget.  So I will let them decide.  I am really eye-balling the Dream Necklace, handstamped family necklace, Mother's Day Orchid (love the teacup it comes in), and the 100 Good Wishes Candle Set

Inspire Hand-STamped Orchid 100 wishes

Now, I have not ruled out the fanning and grapes but I am not holding my breath.  If you are a mom in the neighborhood and see me poolside on the lounge please honk twice and know that my Mother's Day dream of being a mom is the best job ever.  I am thankful for my three loves of my life!  Being a Mom is not always the easiest job but has the best benefits!


 Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.  ~Author Unknown