I try to inspire by example and noticed a few weeks back following my vacation that I was feeling a bit listless and lacking energy for things.  The number reflected it on the scale and my doctor was on me about my increasing blood pressure.  All prompted me to make some personal changes that I have been sharing bits and pieces on Facebook.  A few lifestyle changes were needed and happy I took my own wake up call.  I returned on August 20th and hit the ground running.  Time for a diet change and took up a more low-carb means of eating.   Back to working out, walking with friends and making me a priority.  Here are some of the changes I made


The results………

  • a steady loss of weight of nearly 10 lbs!
  • more energy!
  • longer and more productive work hours…feel more inspired in the Studio!
  • love the time with my girlfriends and the support!  Great to know you are not alone and compare notes on how we are doing, what we are eating and pass the time with walking!  Love the support from my girlfriends…You know who you are! (and thanks to my parents for the new workout cloths they got me to encourage me to move my rear……..they are great examples!)
  • my family is benefiting (with little complaining) and liking the new meals!  Micky said she loves all the good cooking.
  • doctor said no need to add a second blood pressure pill and I am maintaining a better bp!

I am vested in what I put into my body and just being mindful of that.  Funny how we sometimes just let that go.  So……….the lesson in all this is.  It is a daily struggle and for those who view me as someone who “does not need to lose weight”…….I get that.  It is not about the scale. It was how I feel.  It was how I could feel myself going down the wrong road.  And it is a different course for every horse.   I don’t have a lot of time and do like to track what I am doing.  Fun for me to see the results.  You have to do what feels right to you.

tracyI hope this inspires you in some small way….time to go drink some more water!

Forget about setting rigid deadlines and just focus on what’s important – building the foundation for your positive habit or routine.  If you need a better approach to stay motivated, focus on your “big why.”  Why do you want to build this habit/project/etc.?  What rewards will you gain?  How will it make you happier and more fulfilled?  Write this down, remember it, and let it be your inspiration!”