I am a wee bit frustrated today.  The bid for our cabinets came in and it is much more than we anticipated (isn’t it always that way).  UGH!  Now we are going to look down the road of refacing/painting.  This just bums me out becuase I got so exciting discussing the plans and cool options for the kitchen.  Plus, tensions get high with Pete when we are discussing what needs to be done more.  He wants granite countertops and I cannot see putting that on our out-dated cabinets.  The good thing is the cabinets are not in bad shape so they could be refaced.  I will contact Home Depot.  It is so frustrating when you start remodel projects because everything is so linked together and once you replace one thing another job has to be done.  I did get some bids on the ceilings and repainting.  I think that alone would make such a big difference.  I am such a realist that I get frustrated when I get high hopes just to have them squashed.  Plus I had to get all these bids and not do anything.  Ok, enough moping about it. 

Right now "Celebrity Duets" is on in my office.  I am not really watching it but I am amazed how stupid this show is!  Why would I care to watch Cheech (of Cheech & Chong) sing with Clint Black!  How is that interesting???  Ok, am I in a mood or what?

MermaidOn a positive note:  I cannot wait until Monday.  The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd is coming on Lifetime.  I read this book and just loved it.  I highly recommend that book and think it will be a great Lifetime movie.

Tomorrow Tyler is having a couple of friends over for swimming.  We want to enjoy these last few days of summer.  This past week has been over 100 degrees each day and tomorrow it is supposed to be cooler.  Us moms will sit and chat while the 8 kids swim.  Off to sulk in my tea…