The first week of March is over and my Moving my Rear motto is off to a great start!  I made the most of every moment I had including waiting time at the orthodontist office so no excuses!

This week I have logged in…….18.2 miles!


This included a 4 mile walk where I just put my shoes on and walked from my own house. This eliminated the excluse of being too lazy to drive over to a local trail.  I took in my local sights….


I took another one of those dreaded bike rides but this one was not so bad and it was 9 miles.


and…instead of sitting in the ortho waiting room on Friday I decided to wear my sweats and tennis shoes and use that 45 minutes to just walk that area!  The bonus of city walking……a Starbucks is along your trail!


So this week I learned that you can make up all the excuses in the world but if you ignore them EVERY mile counts and adds up.  Am I doing this to lose weight?  YES but truth-be-told I am not down a pound. Truthfully I am doing this to feel good.  I realize that once I take that time to enjoy what is around me like the green and blossoms that are following our latest rain or going off the road with my mountain bike (ignoring an occasional trespessing sign), or getting a hot tea it really does feel good. It clears your mind and for me makes me more creative/energetic!  But darn I wish a pound or two would fall off on the way!

and to those joining me online, facebook and via MapMyWalk I love it!  It is great to be accountable and cheer each other on!  Good luck in Week 2

“Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.  Love yourself!  Forgive yourself!  Accept yourself!  You are YOU and that’s the beginning and the end… no apologies, no regrets.”