I walked over 468 miles in 2014!  Not bad since I did 382 in 2013 (thanks to MapMyWalk for the stats):



There is only one month I seem to take off……May for my Birthday! and I pay for it in June:

MonthThat is a lot of miles and I want to thank those who have joined me this year in the various walks in life.  We have cover lots of miles, steps, topics, talks and daily life that we share.  I am blessed to have so many friends on my adventures.  There were walks I took alone, in big cities and in the country.


The important part is always MOVING MY REAR! There were walks with great scenery, snacks and rides that scary cows got in the way…….

photo 2 photo photo5

Sometimes my beverage of choice was a nice hot cup of tea……



Many included this fella where we got to know one another and work out the daily ups and downs of life….IMG_4605

Some were for causes….

walk (1)


on some I reached new heights and was proud of myself

MtWoodson2 MtWoodson3


many were on the beach……..and some were more interesting than others…

Beach3 Beach5

As I close off 2014’s Moving my Rear I want to thank each and everyone who joined me on those walks.  Sorry I could not include photos of each and every one of you but I know someone would get left out. I appreciate every step that I have taken.  I invite anyone who wants to join me (physically or via the internet) to MOVE YOUR REAR!  It makes a huge difference…clears the head and trust me you are far more creative in your life.  Add me to your MapMyWalk Friends and we can push one another along.

Many life lessons on those walks….

Walk2 Walk3 Walk4

Bring on 2015 and my goal is to have even more steps and take more trails.  Like I always say…take the road less traveled.

We may not always love everything about our lives, but deep down we do love and appreciate the magic of life itself.  Some part of us believes that everything and anything is possible.  Sadly though, we don’t always believe these possibilities are within our reach, even when they are.  We choose to believe we are incapable of living our lives the way we want to live them, at our full potential.  We choose to accept our reality as others have told us it has to be.  Wake up!  We don’t have to do this to ourselves – none of us do.  We have a choice.  We don’t have to be complacent.  We don’t have to fall into line.  It’s time to remind yourself of a few key truths – right now and every morning hereafter.”