Well, I proven tonight that you can be in three places at one time.  After school we came home to change for baseball (2 games!) and gymnastics.  First I dropped of Tyler and then JoJo to their games.  Then I zoomed over and took Micky to gymnastics.  All events started at 5 pm.  As I drove back to the games the black ominous sky started to rain.  San Diego got a mini thunderstorm!  I headed back to Tyler’s field and saw they continued to play in the rain.  So I drove over to JoJo’s field where they called the game.  I gathered Joey and my son’s friend and we headed back to Tyler’s game.  There I stood in the cold rain watching until they finally called the game after no more than three innings.  Then it was back to gymnastics to gather up Micky.  I know that was not possible without the help of my two friends.  We we tag-teaming with the kids.  I came home soaked, cold and very tired.  That soak in the tub and the hour nap helped a ton to renew my spirit.  And I have to do this all over again Saturday.  Who signed me up for this?