Today Tyler came home with a permission slip for band.  They offer it at 4th grade and he is real excited to play.  He wants to play the flute and/or clarinet.  I chatted with the band director to see if there were boy flute players and there are quite a few.  So, Tyler is picking flute for his first choice and clarinet.  At this age they are just trying out the instruments and since I own both he will be able to use mine.  He is so excited.  I am encouraging him to try choir as well.  At this age they are fearless to try new things and I love that.  In chatting with the director he said he is least learned in flute so maybe I wanted to sit in sometime and help out.  HAH, I have not picked up my flute in years but this may be the time.  I guess I will be up in that attic getting the instruments down. I think it is so great that his school still has the arts available for the kids.  I will support anything he tries.  And, with the flute I will be able to help him.

I am working on layouts for Paperwhite Memories using their new Holiday line.  I love their papers.  Here are my first two layouts: Snow_fun Snow_men