Today Michaela and I had a girl’s day out.  It is rare for us two girls to slip out of the house with no boys in tow so we took the day to do what she loves to do (and I hate) but I did have a reason to hit the mall.  She made it a point to let me know that shopping with Grandma is more fun (well la-de-da!).  "Grandma knows where the stores are.  Grandma likes to eat lunch out.  Grandma takes me to Starbucks.  Grandma buys me things", "Hey KID, clam up, I am trying to have a nice day with you and get out of here as soon as possible".  Nah, it was fun.  We even enjoyed soup and salad at California Pizza Kitchen

Then we went to get her hair cut which was the highlight of her day.  She told the lady exactly how she wanted it and the lady looked at me and said "Is that OK, Mom?" to which I nodded.  It is her hair so off it went before my eyes.  Here is my girl’s new ‘do
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_twb5952 _twb5948

Where is Tracy Going?  So….Friday I will be going somewhere that I have not been in forever (probably 10 years)…….anyone want to guess.  I am so excited!  Let’s see…..hint, has to do with music.