First camp and now this! Joey lost his first tooth today.  Pretty soon it will be facial hair, college and frat parties.  I mean, once the baby teeth go what is left?  OK, so it is only the first one so I can calm down.  He allowed Pete to loosen it up and then I went in for the big pull.  I knew these long gripping fingernails would come in handy for something.
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_dsc5180_2 _dsc5187

You would think the drama would end there but not with Joey.  He gets ready for bed and lo and behold the Ziploc bag with the tooth walked away.  Yep, a tooth no long connected to it’s nerves got up and walked away. I gave him some options:

  1. We could find it tomorrow and put it under his pillow tomorrow.
  2. The tooth fairy has magic powers and can find the tooth no matter where it is and she will still leave money under his pillow. (then I would be scrambling to find that darn tooth so no one else did).
  3. Or, we could scour the house for a half an hour with him in tears trying to find this darn tooth.

He went for Option 3.  We searched high and low for it.  Pete ends up finding it back in the drawer where the Ziploc bags are kept.  Someone would have been surprised tomorrow when they had their sandwich packed in with JoJo’s tooth.  So safe and sound he went to bed with that tooth under his pillow.
_dsc5193 and yes, the kids goes to bed dressed sometimes.  I pick my battles.

Lord help me not knock out those other baby teeth and please watch over him when he grows that facial hair, goes to college and has to be be responsible for his own backpack.