The other day I posted a photo of my studio in the moment on Facebook. I was asked by many to share the space and answer questions so I decided it was a good time to give you a tour and let you see my space as I see it now.  Sure there is the one that was featured in Creating Keepsakes Creative Spaces Volume 2 which was neat, orderly (and quite honesty "photo ready" means you take everything out).  

Here are some of the shots taken by my amazing friend and photographer, Kelly of Lotofoto.





That photoshoot was done over a year ago so I wanted to capture some of the latest changes like my Decoart Wall 'O Paint



It is a working space……lots going on and lots needs to be put away.  


I am ever so proud of this space……my space that I built with my Dad and I am so happy that I was asked to share it.  

HERE is a video tour for your amusement……


You could say I am happiest in this space….


I thank you for all the sweet comments on Facebook… really is a special space for me.  I am happy to answer any questions just drop me an email: [email protected].  Do Somethng Creative every Day!


"Passion gives our lives drama and excitement,
but it is not our only source for living life to the fullest. Today by enjoying
your passions, you accept their gifts and live life on full blast for a moment.