Drink3 I have been on exotic island with a fruity drink with an umbrella of course.  Ok, if you believe that than my exotic life may not sound so exotic when I tell you what I have really been doing.  My daily routine includes phrases like:

"Do you have your gym clothes?"
"Are you ready to go?" followed by "You are not really ready unless you plan on going barefoot"
"Do you have your flute?"
"Put your laundry away"
"Do you have your lunch?"  (ususally followed by a trip to the school to drop off said lunch)
"You cannot wear those clothes to school" (this one is used on Joey only)
"Did you do your homework"
"Go do your homework"
LOUDER "Do your homework!"
"Bring home your gym clothes so I can wash them…they must smell disgusting!" (insert teenage boy giggle because somehow that odor must be cool)
"Get your soccer (running or gymnastics) gear on, we are late"
"Meet you in the car, we are headed to ___________________ (fill in with Soccer, Gymnastics, School, Cross Country, back home to get what we forget, etc.)"
"Calgon take me away" to which I usually look up to my greater power and thing "Seriously, are you trying to test me?"  (He usually responds through the kids who inform me they left one cleat or a soccer ball at home).

Keep in mind these phrases are repeated frequently daily/weekly. 

So I have visions of that fruity drink with the colorful umbrella but the reality is I am lucky if it is a beer at the end of a long day slumped down on the couch.  Am I complaining?  Nah………..  Am I laughing at the mayhem?   You bet!  I really do think a mom's life makes a great reality show and I am daily looking behind me to see if there is a Candid Camera following me around.  Any moms out there agree with me?  If so, let's meet at the spa next week and I will buy you that fruity drink I am now so craving.